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The glass in a Basic Wedding Hourglass is calibrated to a 60 minutes +/- running time. It is mounted in a personalized hand polished 9" high solid hardwood case.

Laser engraved personalization on both end-caps is included.

Note: When an hourglass case is made of two different hardwoods the main or dominant color is shown in the swatch. The secondary color is that of the spindles and is shown in the bottom right hand corner of the swatch.

There is an additional cost as shown for 4-Padauk/Cherry and 7-Koa/Maple. The natural hardwood color selection includes:

1-Walnut, 3-Maple, 4-Padauk/Cherry (+$15.00), 7-Koa/Maple (+$65.00),

8-Walnut/Maple & 9-Maple/Walnut.

The hardwood hourglass sample shown below is: (8)Walnut/Maple

Basic Wedding Hourglass
Basic Wedding Hourglass Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 309605
Price: $215.00
All hourglasses are custom made to order.
The wedding date is:
Choose a Solid Hardwood Color - Details shown above!:
Padauk/Cherry (+$15.00)
Koa/Maple (+$65.00)

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Laser engraved personalized end-caps are included.

Instructions for submitting materials for laser engraving will be sent by e-mail shortly after I receive your order.

The personalized messages of your choice such as your entire wedding invitation, your wedding vows or another personal message laser engraved on one side and on the other side the names of the bride and groom along with the wedding date or another message if you prefer. It's your hourglass. Let me know what you want.